Household appliances / building technology

For some years now, we have offered our partners our experience in the development of products. Our knowledge contributes to design support and concept development which start very early in the project process against the background of different requested materials as well as to the component specification for large-scale production processes.

  • casing development for control component of a washing machine
  • insulation components for hot water pipes (EPP)
  • stand and fixing elements for beer barrels in beer tap systems
  • casting model for the casing of a waste water pump
  • sun blind mountings
  • casings for holding different angle gears for roller shutter drives
  • casings for shaver stations
  • thrust slide of a bread machine
  • housing of a coffee machine
  • basic body for a water high-pressure cleaning device 
  • 2 mobile phone shells
  • locking cylinder holder for doors and gates
  • cover for shower rod holder
  • lock blinds
  • float gauge holder for cistern
  • universal photo archiving system for digital and analogue photography (own product)