Surface recirculation

During its life cycle, a product is often subject to changes in its physical appearance. In order to be able to record and evaluate these changes, surface recirculation will often be required.  
Surface recirculation is part of the so-called Reverse Engineering Process. This includes digitalisation, filtering of the measured points, conversion of the point clouds into polygon surfaces and finally the proper recirculation of these surfaces into the construction of the component geometry.
In addition to surface recirculation, we also offer you to evaluate these surfaces by preparing Class A surfaces. These in turn are integrated by us into the existing product data and design surfaces or may be evaluated by means of measurement technology for the purpose of quality assurance.

Application areas are for example:

  • Components the physical appearance of which has been adjusted manually
  • Wear and tear determination by a target-performance comparison of the 3D data of technical parts
  • Recording of the 3D geometry of computer tomography data that cannot be evaluated visually
  • Digitalisation of hand samples
  • Automated monitoring of component geometries during the manufacturing process