Concept development

The future features of a product are substantially stipulated at an early project stage, at the stage of concept development. This development of component concepts usually requires very comprehensive experience on the part of all partners involved. It is our intention to elaborate concepts for you as detailed as possible and to consider them holistically in the interest of an effective realization.

Concepts are usually prepared by us in 2 versions parallel to each other.

  • Development of 2D interfaces manually or by means of CAD
  • Development of 3D subsections

Main characteristics:

  • Material selection for carrier components and décor
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Analysis of installation space
  • Creation of variations
  • Reference-point system
  • Carry-over parts from other components/assembly units
  • Preliminary FEM considerations on the basis of simple geometry elements

Our concept focuses:

  • Development of interior assembly units: (I-table, central console, door and side panel, Greenhouse, loading space, tailgate, storage compartments)
  • Development of exterior assembly units: (bumpers, spoilers, panels, wheel linings, covers, engine compartment parts)
  • With carrier material: synthetics, natural fibre PP, moulded wood-fibre material, LFI, RIM, foam EPP+PU and others.
  • With décor material: leather, films, sprayed skin, cast skin, fabric, fleece, PU and others.