IQM - Industrial Quality Assurance and Measurement Technology

  • development, construction and delivery of production-related measurement technology for quality assurance
  • multi-point measuring devices for the determination of dimensional measured quantities
  • leakage and flow measurement devices
  • manual measuring equipment
  • putting into operation and service

Isowood GmbH

Since the year 1998, Isowood GmbH in Rudolstadt has produced, mainly for the automotive supply industry, mouldable mats made of a mixture of natural fibres and synthetic fibres and with these products, they occupy top positions in competition. Furthermore, since 2014, mats made of blends from glass and synthetic materials have also been produced on an additional production line. 

Flax, hemp and kenaf are mainly used as natural fibres, but other fibres such like cotton wool, sisal, coconut, abaca or mixtures thereof may also be used. These fibres are usually mixed and needled with thermoplastic fibres. Depending on the customer or project requirements, these fibre blends may be provided with cover fleeces in addition.

The products manufactured by Isowood are pressed by our customers by means of forming tools, then laminated and thus processed to high-quality carrier materials. The construction of the mats to be delivered is individually adjusted by Isowood GmbH to the intended purpose of each individual customer.

Isowood GmbH is not only the supplier of so-called “semi-finished products”, but in their capacity as development partner, they also offer their customers comprehensive support with regard to all requirements which are connected with the processing of the material.

The existing machinery and laboratory equipment enables Isowood GmbH not only to perform their own material developments, but also to produce sample parts or small series (pre-series production) with customer tools and to carry out the most important physical tests on these components in their internal laboratory by themselves, as well.

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