Logistics / transportation

Our offer for the development of tailor-made transportation solutions is directed at final manufacturers who after internal transport activities take their components out of the containers at the final assembly line as well as to suppliers who have to deliver their components worldwide to end customers or consumers under their own responsibility and in accordance with quality standards.

  • sales packaging for building services components from EPP
  • load carriers for the internal, automated transport of automotive parts
  • load carriers for the delivery to automobile end production (EPP) in accordance with configuration specifications
  • transport pallets for cardboard packaging manufacturers (from NF-PP)
  • 2 different frontends for trams with pedestrian protection elements and light / headlight integration
  • cool box for beverages (EPP)
  • holder for bicycle front lamp
  • frontend for overland tramway Oostende with laminate shell
  • frontend for tramway Schwerin with laminate shell