The success of a project mainly depends on the quality and experience of the project management. In connection with concept development, the foundation is laid at this point for the future utility value of the product as well as for its cost structure and thus its competitiveness. Considering the efficiency of the overall process is our objective in this respect.

With regard to your project, we would like to support you with the following services:

    • Development of project outlines for the support of acquisition and calculation

    • Strategy counselling regarding material usage and investments 
    • Competition analysis
    • Preparation of capacity plans and time schedules
    • Elaboration of presentation documents
    • Preparation of action plans for product and process optimisation
    • Support and coordination of international development teams
    • Representation of your interests towards clients and partners
    • Support of the specification, procurement and optimisation of operating materials
    • Preparation of product life cycles
    • Support of product release processes at your clients
    • Data and change management

                      Our basis:

                      • more than 20 years of experience in the realisation of development projects 
                      • our staff members are highly qualified with regard to the design of products made of a combination from various materials
                      • comprehensive knowledge of manufacturing methods owing to long-term customer relationship
                      • technical equipment specification parallel to product development in order to reduce development times